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Published: 6:17 PM EDT March 24, 2022


'Using food as a powerful tool' | Community Kitchen Program in Charlotte gives everyone a chance. Servesafe certifies employees for the restaurant industry 

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" Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and learn something new? "

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Our ServSafe® Classes:

  • Have a passing rate over 90%

  • Are taught in a user-friendly, informative, and upbeat manner 

  • Include a Raise-The-Grade® study notebook, and ServSafe® Food Handler guide (both complimentary)

  • Are located in convenient and comfortable locations

  • Provide everything needed to not only pass the exam, but leave with a renewed conviction for the industry

If you have specific questions regarding which registration option to choose, or questions regarding details of the training, or questions about the rules governing the sanitation of retail food establishments, give us a quick call at 240-678-4014 or


The Carolina Road Runner Club is involved in several charity programs for a variety of non-profit organizations that assist community members by providing healthy meals, education, a safe place to worship, drug & alcohol recovery, and our very own Kitchen Project. As Road Runners, we run for various causes and our current cause for running is The Gospel. Run for Gospel will be a virtual running event to reach the unreached, support the community, and lift up the lost. When we support others we are able to provide hope to those struggling, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. We look forward to meeting you

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