As we continue to support the community this year with our current programs, CRRC is also looking ahead to prepare for a new opportunity to be of service in 2023. Our vision is to open The Community Café at the start of next year. Everyone does not have the luxury of stopping in an establishment for brunch, grabbing a fresh cup of hot coffee, or having a hearty breakfast prepared just for them. The purpose of our café is to bring all people together by our Pay-What-You-Can business model. We hope to uplift, encourage, and create a sense of confidence within people in our community by providing a place to feel included rather than waiting in line for a hand out. Not only will our Café benefit the people who come in to enjoy a meal, but The Community Cafe will become the new location for The Community Kitchen Project which offers a free 8 week training program including job placement. This program is aimed at equipping individuals with invaluable job skills who may be facing obstacles in obtaining employment. We believe by offering a “hand up” we are giving individuals the chance to see their true potential.

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