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Transporting meals home


Some groups may like to take left overs home for their families. If the meal is taken home it needs to be refrigerated or frozen as quickly as possible. If participants are travelling a long distance home from their Community Kitchen group they should bring an insulated bag or cold pack to transport their meal home.

Community Kitchens meals that have been stored in the fridge should be eaten within 2 days.

If the meal has been left out for…

  • Less than 2 hours: it must be refrigerated/frozen (once the steam has subsided) or eaten immediately

  • Between 2 and 4 hours: it must be eaten, not placed in the fridge or frozen

  • Greater than 4 hours: it must be disposed of!

Ride to Work


Recognizing that work is part of God’s loving plan and fundamental to the dignity of a person, CKP Ride To Work Non-profit. was created with a mission to provide temporary affordable transportation to residents of Carolinas so they have the opportunity to transition to stable employment with a living wage and become self sufficient. This website provides information about our Program; how those in need of rides to and from work may apply; and how those who would like to support our Program (volunteers, drivers or donors) may help or contact us.